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Valentine?s Day ? The Quest for Perfect Gifts for Her

The original Saint Valentine after whom the annual love-fest is named actually had little to do with romance and was a celibate Roman priest who was martyred around 200 AD. That?s not what most people are thinking about on the run up to February 14th; what occupies most people?s minds is what gift to buy. If you buy a fantastic present you could woo that someone special whereas a dud gift could leave you romantically dead in the water. Most men are fairly easily pleased so it is gifts for her that you have to consider carefully.

Classic Gifts for Her

Poetry ? words have been used throughout history to try and woo a fair maiden and poetry could therefore be called the first valentine?s present. The popularity of poetry is shown by the fact that in 1797 a British publisher issued a book called the Young Man?s Valentine Writer for gentlemen lacking a poetic soul.
Valentine?s Cards ? although young lovers may have sent each other letters and notes, the first embossed paper lace, mass-produced cards weren?t made until 1847.
Roses ? in the 20th century mass-produced cards had well and truly replaced hand-written notes and the second half of the century brought the valentine?s present. Gifts for her began with red roses which have been seen as symbols of love and beauty throughout history, and a dozen red roses became a sign of real affection and was a pretty safe bet to impress a girl back in the day.
Chocolates ? shortly after red roses became the ultimate token of love, chocolates also became extremely popular gifts for her. The classic valentine?s chocs were presented in a huge heart-shaped box, which was covered in red satin.

Gifts for Her Today

Many unimaginative men who don?t do their gender any favours stick to the same old valentine?s gifts that people have been buying for decades and decades?and decades, such as chocolates in a heart-shaped box and often rather than roses (which are still usually very well received by the fairer sex) some chaps make do with a shoddy bunch from a petrol forecourt. However, believe it or not there are a lot of men with an imagination, a sense of romance and good taste in presents. The choice of gifts today is huge too, meaning that you can use a bit of imagination and choose gifts for her that are a little different from the norm. A good gift should reflect your potential valentine?s personality and interests and just as importantly, it should show just how much you care about her. Bear these points in mind when you are shopping for special gifts for her and it could be the start of something beautiful.

Great Gifts for Her at Find Something Different

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